What is the role of IT in Business today?

The creation and management of communications networks for both small and large enterprises is centred in the IT department. The importance of an effective IT department to a company’s day-to-day operations can be seen in the fact that few businesses, large or small, could operate without one. Every step of the way, from sending an […]

How UAE technology advancing globally?

UAE is most definitely one of the few countries that can implement a thorough plan on incorporating technology as a fundamental part of their development ambitions. United Arab Emirates has cemented its status as one of the most serious and reliable jurisdictions for global technology advancements and innovation with the introduction of a UAE Strategy […]

What jobs are in-demand in Dubai?


Dubai is one of the globe’s fastest-growing commercial cities, attracting companies from all over the world. In addition to established businesses, the Emirate’s young startups and SMEs are always on the lookout for new talent. Understanding the many popular jobs in the UAE is crucial knowledge whether you’re a college student wanting to establish your […]

Which Technology is in demand in UAE?

The importance of the technology sector to economic development cannot be overstated. The industry is enormous and sophisticated in the United Arab Emirates. Imported technology, with solutions offered by foreign technology businesses and managed by migrant technicians, dominates the market. This article explains why this is the case and offers suggestions for increasing the country’s […]