Dynamics 365 CRM Developers


: Industry Standards


: 5+ Years

Joining Date


Job Location

: Abu Dhabi, Hyderabad

Industry Type

: Software Development


: Development

Reporting To

: Manager

Job Type

: Full Time

Job Description

  • Strong experience in Dynamics 365 the CRM Microso􀅌 product (online and offline)
  • At least three to five years of experience in CRM.
  • Very autonomous person
  • Very good knowledge in experience in Software Development
  • Very good knowledge in customiza􀆟on on Dynamics
  • Very good knowledge in FDD, FRD, SDD, Microsoft TFS
  • Very good knowledge in Plugin
  • Very good knowledge in Scrum methodology
  • Very good knowledge in APIs
  • Very good knowledge with module
  • Very good level of English required C1/C2 (Arabic speaking is a plus but not mandatory)
  • Excellent writen and oral communica􀆟on skills
  • Excellent team work skills
    Primary Objec􀆟ve
  • The main role of an Intermediate Software Developer is to develop software solutions by studying information needs, studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes following the so􀅌ware development lifecycle
    Main Du􀆟es and Responsibilities
  • Analyses business and technical requirements
  • Reviews and provides feedback on the FRD
  • Responsible of the creation of the functional design document (FDD) after reviewing the (FRD)
  • Develop high-quality so􀅌ware solutions by studying information needs, systems flow, data usage and work processes, following the software development lifecycle
  • Provide support and follow up with developers to solve software development issues.
  • Recommend and assist with developing improvements around processes, tools and Standards
  • Design the technical architecture of so􀅌ware solu􀆟ons in a product oriented approach
  • Translate Func􀆟onal Requirements Documents into System Design Documents (FDDs/SDDs)
  • Assist the Customer Service team with resolving day-to-day second and third line produc􀆟on support Calls and recommend and develop fixes and alterna􀆟ve solu􀆟ons where prac􀆟cable
  • Apply DevOps methodologies in deployment on test UAT and produc􀆟on
  • Fill daily 􀆟me reports including the remaining effort / 􀆟me to finish pending tasks.
  • Produce weekly / monthly management informa􀆟on to report on development Ac􀆟vi􀆟es
    Qualifica􀆟ons and Skills
  • Bachelor degree in computer science or related field
  • Possess up-to-date knowledge of technological developments in the industry
  • Good knowledge of Microso􀅌 TFS and related so􀅌ware methodology prac􀆟ces
  • Strong problem solving and decision making skills
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