Oracle Performance DBA


: Industry Standards


: 7 Plus Years

Joining Date


Job Location

: Abu Dhabi

Industry Type

: IT Service


: Software Development

Reporting To

: Manager

Job Type

: Full Time

Job Description

Establish and maintain AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) and Statspack performance baselines for critical databases.
Analyze ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor), ASH (Active Session History), and Statspack reports, as well as log and trace files, to identify performance issues and trends.
Utilize SQL Performance Analyzer and Database Replay for impact assessment of database changes.
Identify and address poorly performing SQL statements through thorough analysis and optimization techniques.
Interpret execution plans and utilize SQL Trace for the diagnosis of SQL statement performance.
Monitor adaptive/dynamic execution plans and automatic reoptimization strategies for ongoing performance improvements.
Utilize Optimizer Statistics Advisor and SQL Access/Tuning advisors for comprehensive SQL statement optimization.
Implement SQL Plan Management to ensure stable and efficient SQL execution plans.
Perform index analysis and implement best practices to optimize database indexing.
Proactively manage optimizer statistics and configure parameters to ensure accurate and efficient query execution plans.
Manage Shared Pool and Result Cache for optimal memory utilization.
Diagnose and resolve buffer cache-related performance problems.
Diagnose and optimize performance issues related to PGA.
Address temporary tablespace-related performance challenges.
Configure Automatic Shared Memory Management.
Configure and diagnose I/O issues to optimize data access performance.
Configure In-Memory Column Store for enhanced SQL performance.
Integrate In-Memory Column Store with other database features.
Conduct advanced compression analysis and implement strategies for optimal database compression.
Create and maintain detailed documentation of performance tuning activities, configurations, and best practices.
Aware of Oracle database releases, patches, and updates.
Plan and execute database patching and upgrade activities, ensuring minimal downtime.
Respond to and resolve database-related incidents, ensuring timely resolution of performance-related issues.
Collaborate with other IT teams to troubleshoot and resolve cross-functional issues impacting database performance.
Implement and maintain database security best practices.
Ensure compliance with industry and organizational security standards.


Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology or other relevant field of study,
7+ years of Oracle administration and performance optimization experience
Proven experience in establishing and optimizing AWR and Statspack performance baselines for critical databases.
In-depth expertise in analyzing ADDM, ASH, and Statspack reports, as well as log and trace files, to identify and troubleshoot performance issues.
Strong understanding of Oracle Database performance tuning principles, with a focus on SQL statement optimization.
In-depth knowledge of Oracle database architecture, internals, and features.
Strong understanding of SQL optimization techniques and database design principles.

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